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GE Protimeter HygroTrac® Remote Monitoring System
Putting you in control.

The HygroTrac system offers constant real-time remote job site monitoring from practically anywhere. Automatic wireless sensors collect temperature and humidity information from a job site and transmit the data safely and reliably to a secure Website.

HygroTrac Benefits


Is your job site drying? Know instantly.

The HygroTrac system can notify you within minutes if the site isn’t drying as you expected, either by e-mail or by text messages sent to your cell phone.

Improve your techniques

Use HygroTrac real-time feedback to adapt your drying techniques on the fly. Maximize your efficiency by using the right approach for each situation.

Dispatch resources efficiently

Control personnel and transportation costs by dispatching techs and equipment exactly when and where they’re needed.

Learn. Improve. Build your business.

HygroTrac puts the power in your hands to operate your business better, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Assure your client

Your client wants to know when the job will be done. HygroTrac data helps you to estimate drying times more accurately and to know – really know – when the drying is complete.

Simplify insurance claims

Working with insurers? HygroTrac helps you provide the information insurers need to process the claim quickly. Xactimate now includes use of the HygroTrac as a line item in its cost estimation software.

Document work completed

Every data point of your drying procedure is recorded on the HygroTrac secure server and permanently stored by job title number. Download the data for analysis and documentation and archive it for future reference – even develop case studies for staff training.

"(HygroTrac) saves us money."
Power Dry, Lenexa, KS

After buying one of the GE HygroTrac remote monitoring systems and testing it, I decided I wanted to start using them on every loss that we do. I’ve bought 14 HygroTrac units so far, and I’m pleased with what they’re doing for my business. Minimizing legal liability was my #1 reason for adopting the HygroTrac – the system archives our job documentation on a reputable third-party website and keeps our records safe in an off-site location. Now that we’ve used the system for awhile, I’m also convinced that it has saved us money on monitoring trips. We have nine full-time techs, and I need to manage their time plus equipment resources the best I can. It’s great to be able to know what’s happening on all of our jobs from my desk and know where to send my techs first to move or adjust equipment to optimize the drying. 

Greg Petropoulos, Owner, Power Dry, Lenexa, KS