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Parts and Service
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My dehumidifier is not removing moisture. How can I have it repaired?
We can refer you to a Regional Service Center in your area. Contact your local distributor or Dri-Eaz Service Department (888) 867-3235 for more information.

How do I have my Dri-Eaz moisture meter re-calibrated?
You will need to request an RMA number through your local distributor. Once you receive your RMA number you can send your meter in for re-calibration.

What is an RMA number?
RMA stands for Return Materials Authorization. An RMA number expedites repairs, aids in tracking and provides you with a reference number if you have questions about the status of your equipment. You must request an RMA number before sending your equipment in for repair.

How can I find the warranty status for my Dri-Eaz equipment?
If you have the original invoice, you can refer to the Dri-Eaz Warranty listed on our website. For older equipment or if you are missing the original invoice, you can contact the Dri-Eaz Service Department with your model number and serial number.

Whom do I call for parts and pricing?
You may be able to find the part you need by looking through the Dri-Eaz Parts List here on our website. If you need assistance, you can contact the Dri-Eaz Service Department. To purchase parts please contact your closest Dri-Eaz distributor.

What brands of dehumidifiers do you service?
We only provide service for Dri-Eaz products.

Where can I find an owner's manual for my Dri-Eaz equipment?
You can find printable owner's manuals right here on our website. If you are unable to download a manual, contact the Dri-Eaz Service Department (888) 867-3235. We can fax or email you a replacement at no charge.

Do I need an RMA number for every piece of equipment?
Yes, we ask that you request an RMA number for every repair. This assists us in providing you with the highest level of service.

I'm getting some kind of readout code on my control panel. Where can I find a list of error codes?
Error codes are listed in the Owners Manual on page 5 (available at under Parts/Service, Manuals). Please refer to these before calling your Regional Service Center or Dri-Eaz.

I live in the Midwest/East Coast. Do I have to ship my unit all the way to Washington State for repairs?
We have Authorized Service Centers located throughout the US, and an office in Nashville, Tenn. First, check with your local distributor; many are Authorized Service Centers. Although we do not have a Service Center in every city in every state, we can direct you to the center nearest to you.

I want to store my dehumidifier during the winter months. Are there any precautions I should be aware of?
Before storing dehumidifiers for the winter in a non-heated facility, make sure all the water is drained from the unit. You can do this by laying the unit on its front for 20 minutes then on its back for another 20 minutes. This will allow the water left over in the pump to drain, preventing the pump reservoir from cracking. Additionally, make sure the 40 feet of drain tube is also drained out to prevent cracking.

Can I buy parts directly from the factory?
We are a distributor-based company, so parts may only be purchased through your local distributor. We do provide all our distributors with drop ship service to your area.

How should I ship my equipment?
We recommend shipping FedEx Express Saver. This method usually crosses the U.S. in 2 to 3 days.

What is the fax number for the Dri-Eaz Service Department?
The Service Department has a separate fax number: it's (360) 757-9536.