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Airmovers for every purpose

Powerful, focused air movement is the foundation of any drying. As the originator of the first purpose-built airmover for restoration professionals, Dri-Eaz has been leading the industry with innovative, practical and durable products ever since. Dri-Eaz airmovers help you get every job done right.

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Velo Pro Low Profile AirmoverF505 Velo Pro Low Profile Airmover
  • Variable speed control from 500 (min.) to 885 (max.) CFM.
  • Daisy-chain capable with convenient dual outlet.
Velo Low Profile AirmoverF504 Velo Low Profile Airmover
  • Engineered airflow. Patent pending outlet design ensures even, broad-path airflow for fast, consistent drying across all surfaces.
  • Multiple operating positions. Dry floors, ceilings, walls and stairways quickly and efficiently.
Stealth AV3000F568 Stealth AV3000
  • Versatile fan positions for directing airflow
  • Variable speed control
AceF259 Ace
  • Very low amp draw
  • Six position versatility for handling a wide range of applications
AirPath™F377 AirPath™
  • Directs air uniformly in all directions across floor surfaces for fast drying
  • High velocity 40 mph airflow and patented 360° outlet grill design
Dri-PodF451 Dri-Pod
  • High velocity airflow enhances evaporation
  • Unique design directs air uniformly across floor in 360°
Sahara HDF352 Sahara HD
  • Underside drying vent
  • Quick disassembly for cleaning
Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer®F351 Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer®
  • Lower amp draw
  • Daisy-chain capability with built-in power outlet and circuit breaker
AirWolfF228 AirWolf
  • Powerful 1.0 HP motor produces up to 780 CFM and 7.3 in. of static pressure – works great on inflatables, too!
  • Stackable for convenient storage and transport
Vortex Axial Fan (F174-BLU)F174-BLU Vortex Axial Fan (F174-BLU)
  • Powerful 1.0 hp motor
  • Built-in handle