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Powerful, portable humidity control

Quiet, efficient, portable and reliable, Dri-Eaz provides the best dehumidification solutions for water damage restoration and environmental control. Choose from traditional refrigerants, LGRs, and dessicant units, each built to provide maximum performance and legendary Dri-Eaz durability.

Revolution LGR DehumidifierF413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier
  • Best low-grain performance in its class
  • The smallest, lightest Xactimate “Large” category dehu ever – more water removal than other units 2–3 times its size!
DrizAir 1200F203-A DrizAir 1200
  • Removes up to 15 gallons a day
  • Super convenient size
EvolutionF292-A Evolution
  • LGR technology boosts effective operating range
  • Compact size – only 92 pounds
LGR 2800iF410 LGR 2800i
  • Built-in thermo-hygrometer monitors and displays inlet and outlet conditions.
  • Automatic humidistat control.
LGR 3500iF411 LGR 3500i
  • Groundbreaking water removal rate – 170 pints at AHAM
  • Automatic humidistat control
LGR 7000XLiF412 LGR 7000XLi
  • Advanced Crossflow Technology maximizes efficiency even in low grain environments. Ensures best performance across range.
  • Self-monitoring system. Built-in sensors monitor performance parameters allowing for automatic fan speed adjustments.