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Durable, restoration-ready housings and components.  Fast and accurate readings. Two year no-hassle warranty.  Up to 27 months warranty when you register your purchase at   48 hour turnaround on service. On-line training videos available.

Protimeter MMS2 Restoration Kit F489 Protimeter MMS2 Restoration Kit
  • Intuitive user interface with color screen
  • Rugged, lightweight and ergonomic meter case.
Protimeter MMS2 Moisture MeterF488 Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter
  • Intuitive user interface with color screen
  • Rugged, lightweight and ergonomic case. Carry pouch included!
Protimeter Technician Kit (2016)F560 Protimeter Technician Kit (2016)
  • Detect moisture structural materials like sub floors and framing to a depth of 1.38 in. (35 mm). 
  • Quickstick sensor measures ambient temperature and humidity with industry-leading speed and accuracy.
Protimeter SurveyMaster [F522]F522 Protimeter SurveyMaster [F522]
  • Large easy-to-read backlit display
  • Rugged, restoration-ready construction
Hygromaster 2F559 Hygromaster 2
  • Non-contact infrared surface temperature reading technology

  • Multiple psychrometric calculations, including grains per pound
Protimeter AquantF523 Protimeter Aquant
  • Rugged, restoration-ready construction
  • Large easy-to-read backlit display
Protimeter Digital MiniF534 Protimeter Digital Mini
  • Pin-Type Measure Mode measures surface conditions quickly and accurately. 
  • Color-coded LED band is synched with digital display for easy reading at a glance.
Protimeter Hammer ProbeF309 Protimeter Hammer Probe
  • Insulated pin shafts – measurements only taken at the tip of the pins
  • Works with Surveymaster and MMS Plus moisture meters
Protimeter Hygrotrac Sensor 5 PackF363 Protimeter Hygrotrac Sensor 5 Pack
    Protimeter Hygrotrac Sensor Ext. KitF395 Protimeter Hygrotrac Sensor Ext. Kit
    • Modify sensors mounted in dehumidifier outlets or HVAC grills to collect humidity and temperature from nearby materials at the same time.
    • Monitor atmospheric conditions and collect moisture data from nearby materials simultaneously.