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Guide to Air Scrubbing
The most complete handbook for air scrubbing available

Dri-Eaz has compiled all the latest information about air scrubbers into one free publication! The 16-page Guide to Air Scrubbing provides an easy-to-understand, practical summary of the air scrubber's overall role in restorative drying.

The Guide to Air Scrubbing uses illustrations and simple, clear language to review how air scrubbers & HEPA filtration work, how & when to use air scrubbers, and important safety considerations. Check out the Guide to learn more about how air scrubbers not only create a cleaner, safer environment during mold remediation jobs, but also:
  • Reduce risk for employees
  • Minimize legal exposure and liability
  • Instill customer peace of mind
  • Offer a cost-effective addition to virtually every restoration job including water, fire and smoke damage situations

DOWNLOAD your FREE copy of the Guide to Air Scrubbing today!