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Rover HVE
Ride-on High Volume Extractor

The Rover HVE maximizes water removal from all types of carpet to accelerate drying in water damage restoration projects. Operated by a joystick control, the ride-on Rover maneuvers better, reduces operator fatigue and boost extraction rates. Easy to carry and transport, it’s the deep extractor that techs prefer. Works great with a truckmount or portable extractor. For fast, profitable extraction, choose the Rover HVE. 

Efficient in use, transport and storage.
  An easy 2-speed switch optimizes extraction effectiveness, and a clear take-up tube shows progress while you work.  Integrated wheels make it easy to transport the Rover HVE from the van to the job and back.  The unit's ergonomic handle collapses easily for storage.

Customer Testimonial
I first experienced the Rover HVE in the new Dri-Eaz Restorative Drying 201 course and called a distributor to purchase one before the class was even over. It’s been a good decision because the Rover has been out on jobs every day since we purchased it! Our crews request the Rover over other options. Techs say it’s just plain easier and faster to use. The Rover’s lighter weight makes it easy to load and unload. The power cord and vacuum hose are easier to manage, and when strapped together, they stay behind the operator and don’t get in the way. Another plus is the view tube, not only for the operator, but so the client can also see how much water we extract. The joystick makes the Rover more comfortable to operate than other extractors and the Rover does a better job of extraction overall. We are very pleased with the Rover and plan to purchase another unit soon. Thanks, Dri-Eaz, for your ingenuity: keep up the good work so we can too.

—C. Randy Moberg, FireDEX of Butler