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HygroTrac Sensor Extension Kit
Expand the information-gathering capability of the HygroTrac Remote Monitoring System

This kit enables any HygroTrac sensor to take up to three moisture content readings instead of just the single reading from each sensor by itself. The sensor will report the wettest reading of the three points of contact. With a reach of up to six feet for each wire extension, the kit can significantly expand and clarify the moisture conditions reported by the HygroTrac System. Use the kit to track moisture conditions in walls, floors, or other surfaces.
This Sensor Extension Kit includes enough parts to modify three HygroTrac sensors. For additional Extension Kits, contact your local Dri-Eaz distributor or call 800-932-3030.

The sensor extensions can be used in two ways:
1. Sensors mounted in dehumidifier outlets or HVAC grills to collect humidity and temperature data can now be modified to collect moisture data in nearby materials at the same time.
2. Similarly, sensors installed to measure atmospheric conditions in specific spaces (such as a bedroom or crawl space) can be modified to collect moisture data from nearby materials.