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Protimeter Flooring Accessory Kit for MMS2
Use with your MMS2 for accurate moisture measurement of concrete floors.

This Concrete Flooring Accessory Kit allows you to use your existing MMS2 instrument (purchased separately) to make fast, accurate moisture measurements in concrete floor slabs. The kit’s new patent pending adjustable sleeves allow you to measure moisture in 4” to 6” concrete slabs with no sleeve cutting needed. Mini Hygrostick sensors are reusable, making this the most cost effective system available. Using the relative humidity in-situ probe method – a test now being adopted world-wide for its reliability and accuracy – allows technicians to precisely measure moisture content in concrete floors. 
Why Test Concrete Flooring?

The water damage restoration industry experiences many losses that affect concrete slabs. In many of these losses, flooring materials are removed and need to be replaced with new materials. To prevent failures of new flooring installations and voiding of warranties, flooring and adhesive manufacturers have recommended moisture content/RH levels depending on type of flooring and installation method. Use the new Protimeter Concrete Moisture Kit  to conduct the ASTM F2170 relative humidity test to ensure that the concrete RH meets industry and manufacturer recommendations.